Comparative Essay Example – A Powerful Tool

Comparative Essay Example – A Powerful Tool

Comparative essay examples provide the basic idea of what this type of essay is all about. Basically, these essays are simply the written composition of a number of paragraphs that aims at identifying how two things or opinions are similar or different from each other. As the title suggests, comparative essay examples cover up comparisons among things, examining how the quality of each contributes to the conclusion or the theme of the essay itself. The style of such articles is quite structured as each paragraph will focus on a specific aspect of the topic being discussed in that particular paragraph. In addition, they also provide extensive details on the sources used and how they were analyzed.

In a comparative essay example, you’ll be asked to examine how similarities and differences can be used to prove or disprove a point. For instance, the similarities between the two mentioned above can be used to prove that the iPhone is better than the BlackBerry. On the other hand, the differences between the products can be used to prove that the iPhone is not as good as the BlackBerry. It is also possible that all of the comparisons that you come up will be positive, meaning that iPhone has more advantages over BlackBerry in every aspect.

Comparative analysis essay can help students in understanding how similar products and services differ when compared to another. Similarities may include the use of the same brands in products and services, the similar functions in both parties’ products or services, the similar look and feel in the products or services, and so on. Differences, on the other hand, can include the features of the products or services, their prices, their target audiences, and many others. One of the major purposes of a comparative essay example is to show or prove how similar products or services can be compared to one another based on their similarities or differences. Most students find this type of essay very useful and easy to comprehend.

Students are often encouraged to compare and contrast products or services because this helps them in comprehending their relative strengths and weaknesses. It helps them in improving their analytical skills and it also helps them in forming their opinions about the relative merits of the products. A comparative essay example is usually presented in two parts – an overview of the two items or objects and a concise comparison between them. While comparing and reviewing these two things, the students must carefully analyze each of these things in order to determine its pros and cons.

As mentioned above, the comparison is crucial in writing a comparative essay example. The writer must be able to determine what are its strengths and weaknesses, and how they affect the readers. In addition, the writer must be able to establish which of the two things is more preferable and which is the better deal. Thus, the writer should be able to make his/her point with the appropriate comparison. This means that the comparison should be meaningful and well-defined. The goal of this comparison is to show or prove the existence and importance of the main item or items compared to the rest.

The second part of a comparative essay examples is the concise and conclusion section. Here, the writer should be able to conclude his/her piece by providing his/her opinion about which one would be the best option for the reader. Note that this opinion or assessment should be supported by convincing logic and adequate evidence. For this reason, a comparative analysis requires a lot of critical thinking and patience.