Using 5 Senses in Creating a Descriptive Essay

Using 5 Senses in Creating a Descriptive Essay

The descriptive essay is an academic genre of essay which requires the student to describe a specific item, topic, individual, location, experience, emotion, or condition. This style of essay encourages the student’s ability to develop a creative written account of an event. As such, the style of this type of writing can be quite varied and very creative. The essay should use a wide variety of descriptive elements in order to draw the reader’s attention to the significant information it contains. The essay should maintain an accurate and concise nature while maintaining a conversational tone.

A very popular form of the descriptive essay which has been used for quite some time is the narrative essay. The narrative essay usually starts off with a descriptive passage which provides the summary of the main point. Then in the next paragraph the primary source is introduced and is followed by a personal view or interpretation of the same topic, idea, or information. In middle school, the colorful pictures and descriptive wording make for very engaging reading.

Another way of creating a descriptive essay for middle school students is to use analogies. The writer can use a familiar analogy, in order to explain a concept to the reader. This technique is also helpful because it helps the student to become more familiar with the ideas and concepts being discussed. As such, the writer can explain the concept more clearly and in a more concise manner allowing the reader to grasp the important role each idea has to play in the story.

The other way of writing a descriptive essay for students is to use vivid pictures. The pictures are meant to communicate a strong meaning in a simple and easy to understand manner. For example, if an essay concerns the effects of microwaves on fish, the author can describe microwave effects on the size of a blue fish, the color of its flesh, its movements, etc., and then conclude that the fish has negative effects on human beings because of the way it damages human beings by changing their DNA. Likewise, if the essay concerns the effects of ultraviolet radiation on humans, the author can describe its ill effects on humans as wrinkles, skin discoloration, hair loss, etc., and then conclude that ultraviolet radiation causes cancer.

The writer also uses five senses in writing a descriptive essay. He can describe things visually using diagrams and photos. He can also describe things experimentally using his senses of touch, taste, smell, and hearing. He can use only his five senses to describe his work in this way. He does not need the help of an assistant to do this. He does not even need to write a descriptive essay to do this.

When the writer wants to start his descriptive essay, he should first introduce his central theme and then build the essay around this central theme. It should be interesting enough so that the reader keeps reading through to the end but not intriguing enough so that he loses interest. Once he starts developing the subject around his central theme, he should try to develop the various pieces of the theme in such a way that they all have a meaningful contribution to make to the development of the overall theme. He should then tie all these contributions together by using figurative language. The writer should thus form an overall theme and weave his way through the creation of this theme.