Great Tips on How to Conclude an Essay

Great Tips on How to Conclude an Essay

The story of life essay is usually a paper which deals with some key life events and the relevant facts and details of such a person. And, just like any other essay, it too has some necessary writing rules and clauses. Students frequently ask about how to write and how to conclude an essay. This is a fairly complicated job because a student should not only sound interesting or write a commonplace, but he must also follow some essential rules regarding essay writing.

In general, essays must have clear starting point and know how to conclude an essay; however in case study or dissertation these are not always present. The starting point of such an essay is generally the main idea of the whole paper. Some students for this reason prefer to start their case study or dissertation with a personal story or an introduction and this is to be followed by a clear and concise exposition of the ideas covered in the essay.

When a writer chooses to write a narrative essay, then he must obviously write from his own experience and not plagiarize someone else’s work. The main idea of this kind of essay must be based on some unique experiences that are related to the area of study. Many of these life essay examples deal with an aspect of human behavior. Others narrate the story of a single episode or a series of incidents and these are meant to be integrated into a larger theme or a particular topic. Sometimes, essays are written from the point of view of a critical thinker, i.e., one who analyzes a set of events or a series of trends and forms an opinion about the subject.

There are some general tips to remember when writing any kind of essay. Every essay includes a beginning, a middle and an end; and the entire essay is made up of three parts: the thesis statement, the body and ‘how to conclude an essay’ paragraph. A story essay does not have any beginning or end; the writer has to tell how events took place and what he/she thinks about them at the end of the essay. Of course, every essay always starts with an introduction.

The first part of a short story is the thesis statement. A thesis statement is a summary of all the ideas and arguments that the author has gathered and is trying to present to the reader. Each paper has one, and the writer has to think very carefully and logically to find the most fitting words that will best explain his/her point. It is also important to find a suitable thesis statement. The thesis statement in every life essay has to relate to the topic and it should restate the main idea in such a way that the reader can easily understand it. In short, the thesis statement is the reason for writing the essay.

The second part is the body. The body of the case study usually consists of personal details about the writer and his/her family. This includes the people in his/her family, his/her school, work, hobbies and so on. Most of the time, the case studies are about a person, but you can include some real or hypothetical situations that will make it look more interesting. Note that an academic essay will not have a case study; rather, it will use the personal details given in the essays for research purposes.