Sample Biography Essay – Notes and Tips

Sample Biography Essay – Notes and Tips

A sample biography essay is basically a personal written article on life and/or career path of different prominent personalities of our times or the past. Unlike other academic essays, biography essays are not required to be researched or written from scratch. Instead, a sample bio must be based on reliable sources, which can be found in the internet or in books. Based on these sources, an authentic biographical essay will be created.

One should remember that these types of essays are not really researched, as much as they are personal stories based on primary sources. As such, one can easily come up with a perfect sample biography essay if he/she is just disciplined enough to follow the steps. However, if one is not interested in writing something or essay editing from scratch, he/she should remember that there are a number of ready-made samples available in books or on the internet which could serve as a good starting point.

In order to write an excellent and well-written profile essay, one should keep in mind that he/she should begin by assembling all important and relevant information first. After this preliminary data has been collected, the writer should move on to the main facts that should be included in the personal essay. While some people use quotes from primary sources in their essays, this practice of quoting things belonging to the writer’s acquaintances, friends, or loved ones is not recommended. This practice may lend more authenticity to the essays, but at the same time it may also cause some readers to question the author’s reliability, especially if he/she uses quotes that sound too similar to those of his/her family and friends.

For best results, one must remember that the purpose of a descriptive essay or sample biography is not to provide a detailed history of a person. Rather, these types of personal essays should be more descriptive and should paint a more accurate picture of the person being portrayed in the essay. These descriptive essays should not attempt to depict a comprehensive portrait of a personality. Rather, the purpose of a sample biography or essay is to provide enough information for readers to form their own opinion about the personality in the manner they deem appropriate. This is why it is best to limit the usage of personal anecdotes and testimonials to less than a quarter of the total word count in the essay.

In addition to the use of quotes, descriptive essay examples can also employ other proven effective methods such as the use of anecdotes and graphs, charts, and diagrams. These visual techniques have been found to be particularly effective when it comes to demonstrating how an individual’s characteristics and traits make him/her an apt candidate for a particular job position. Likewise, a graphical representation of one’s personality or characteristics can also prove very helpful in creating a more vivid and colorful picture of the personality of the essay subject.

A final note regarding the use of personal stories and anecdotes in writing sample biography essay. These tools are particularly helpful when paired with another type of essay writing. For example, the use of descriptive essay examples is most effective when used with a narrative writing sample. By taking the reader on a journey through the life of a specific person, the anecdote provides the basis for the reader to form his/her own opinion about that person. Furthermore, a good biography will always contain factual information rather than subjective opinions, which make it a more reliable source of information for any educational or career purposes.